If You Save Your Marriage, Will It Only Happen Again?

You might be surprised to learn that often when a spouse expresses interest in a divorce, he may either not fully understand his reasons or may not be totally honest
with you about them.


While this is understandable, if your goal is to stay together, then you need ways to get to the truth.


Save the marriage for couples is crucial because of the strategies and communication tactics it teaches to get to the very root cause of divorce you want to stop.


When you visit the site, you’ll see some of the common reasons husbands give Reasons that usually hide the real problem.


Phrases like:

* You’ve changed…

* I love you, but I’m not IN LOVE with you anymore… or

* I just don’t want to be married anymore, etc.


Fighting about these “lies” or “misunderstandings” of motivation will not save your marriage; it will only hurt you and your spouse.


So get educated, get empowered, and get going (because when the specter of divorce is raised, every second counts).

save your marriage


After a long conversation with “Nancy,” I thought she was ready to work to save her marriage.  But I noticed she was hesitant.  I had no idea why.  I just knew she was not quite ready to take action.  I asked, “Nancy, do you want to save your marriage?”


Nancy claimed she did, but she was afraid.  Which means that Nancy is like everyone else that is wanting to work on their marriage.  It is a scary undertaking!


And finally, Nancy told me her fear:  “What if I work on saving my marriage, and I DO save my marriage, and then our relationship gets into trouble again?”


As strongly as I could, I told Nancy this, “If you save your marriage, if you truly transform yourself and your relationship, your marriage will NEVER be threatened again!”


(There are really 3 steps to saving your marriage.  You can find the steps in an article here.)


There are really two different ways to go about saving your relationship.


1)  You can use reverse psychology, “hypnosis,” or any other number of tricks to stop your spouse’s actions that are moving toward ending a relationship.  You can manipulate, force, cajole, or guilt a spouse into not taking action.  You can find some way of stopping your spouse by withholding finances, children, assets, etc., as a way of forcing NO action.


2)  You can truly change your relationship.  You can change yourself, improving your own life, while also transforming the relationship.


If you decide to take the “shortcut,” the “easy answer,” and do #1, you will find that this approach runs out of steam.  Eventually, a spouse figures out the manipulation, or a spouse refuses to be bullied.  At that point, your spouse will be even MORE invested in getting out — and for good reason!  Now, they not only feel the relationship is failing, but that they are being forced, manipulated, and tricked.  This only adds fuel to the fire.


IF, however, you take option #2 — you decide that the relationship you had did not work and must be transformed, and you decide that YOU need to make a change and grow to a new place, THEN you have solved the problems for good.  Your marriage will never be threatened because it is now an entirely different relationship.


Does that mean you will never have a disagreement, never get angry, and never have times of disconnection?  Absolutely not.  You will disagree, be angry, and feel disconnected at times.  The difference is that you will know how to move beyond those issues.  You will learn to reconnect.  You will know you can trust the bond between you.


Are you ready for that?  Join me in helping you do that with my system.  Click Here to grab it!


Save Your Marriage

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