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Where is the best place to meet single girls in Denver for casual relationships?

Heres the deal. I’m 26, and coming to Denver for a couple weeks for work. Not interested in long distance relationships, but would be nice to meet someone who is interested in a short term casual relationship. Question is where to meet them. I’ve looked online at things like Craigslist (bunch of bots) and other sites that are popular back home (plentyoffish, okcupid) but not many people seem to use them there. Any suggestions for online places, or in-person places to meet people for this type of thing?

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What determines if yahoo answers deletes a question?

Last week I asked a relationship question about a problem I was having with my girlfriend. It was a sexual question, but I wasn’t being, crass, obscene or graphic. It was an honest question asked with tact. But when I looked for my ‘answers’ the question was deleted. What is the criterion that decides if yahoo answers deletes a question?

Every Y!A user has a “trust level”, which indicates how trustworthy that user’s reports have been in the past. The exact formula is secret, but probably involves the level of the reporter and reportee, past history of both and other secrets known only to Yahoo!.

If you have a low trust level, and report someone who has a higher trust level, it will take at least one other user to get the higher – level user’s info removed. If you have a high trust level, one report from you can get a violation removed, but not necessarily each time.

The initial removal process is done by a computer program. Trust levels are calculated, a certain level is reached – BOOM – post gone. IF more than a certain number of people report the same thing, a human Y!A employee will look at it.
SO… you could be reporting to a bot, or to a person…no one really knows at the time they are reporting.

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Questions are removed for reasons other than being violations.

1. If a question gets no responses after 4 days and the asker does not extend the question, it gets deleted
2. If the question goes to voting and “no best answer” is selected, it gets deleted
3. If the chosen best answer (does not matter if it was chosen by the asker or by vote) is reported as a violation, the question AND the answer get deleted.
4. And of course, if your question was reported by 1 or more trusted reporters for violating the terms of service or the community guidelines, it gets deleted. In this instance only, you will get an email, and you will lose points.

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Relationship Questions

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