10 Tips To Put The Sizzle In A Fizzling Relationship10 Tips To Put The Sizzle In A Fizzling Relationship

One of the biggest problems that can crop up in a relationship is when people start taking themselves too seriously and forget that they need to have fun. By learning to relax with your partner, you’ll find that your time together can be immensely fun and satisfying. Being able to laugh together also makes it easier to get through the hard times.


It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you have – whether it’s work or family – keeping them happy involves injecting fun into them. And it’s especially true in your love life.


After being in a relationship for awhile, falling into predictable patterns is inevitable. While a little familiarity is nice, too much can make once-happy couples feel bored with each other. Most of the time, all these couples need is a small change in routine to keep things interesting. 


If you’re looking for ways to spice up your relationship with your partner, here are 10 clever tips that have worked for many other relationships. They can certainly help to rejuvenate a relationship that may be feeling stale.

10 Tips To Put The Sizzle In A Fizzling Relationship

1. Rekindle those old dates
This does not necessary mean a posh date in a restaurant; just a simple picnic or walk will do. Bring back those days before marriage (or long term relationship), if possible go to the places you went on dates when you first got together.


2. Try Laughing Instead Of Complaining
It’s easier to see the fun around you when you make an effort to be happier. Laughter take the seriousness out of everyday stresses which leads to healthier relationships and a generally more happy life – really, it’s all connected!


So help each other laugh, whether it’s making silly faces and jokes or remembering funny situations from the past. If your partner has a habit that bothers you, it can really be helpful to laugh at it instead of complain about it. Laughing will help you get past the annoyances and anxieties, which will help you connect with the reasons you loved each other in the first place.


3. Break some rules!
Do something spontaneous, like partying the whole night on a weekday. It keep things fun and interesting, plus it can be a bonding experience for couples. As long as it is not illegal, these moments will remind you that your love life can take some interesting twists and turns once you stop caring so much about doing things the “right” way.


4. Relationships Need Surprises

Even if your partner says they don’t care for surprises, do it anyway!

Surprises don’t have to be a huge deal. Guys, get home early and cook dinner one night (or bring it home if you can’t cook!). Ladies, surprise him with a DVD of a movie that he likes that you normally wouldn’t want to go see. Slip a special “I love you” note into his or her briefcase or purse.


5. Introduce your partner to your interests
Mutual interests are often what brings couple together in the first place. However, taking interest in your partner’s entire life (including those you don’t like) will keep you together in the long run.

10 Tips To Put The Sizzle In A Fizzling Relationship

6. Touching takes couples to different world if done lovingly

Touch him/her body passionately, rub the foot carefully and massage the back lovingly or the body as the case may be. If you do it for her today and she does it for you tomorrow so that both of you can take full benefit of the affectionate touch.


7. Schedule Time For Fun
Between work, school, kids and all the other responsibilities of life, we sometimes forget to make time for fun. Schedule it in if you have to, and make it as important as any other appointment. It can be as simple as an evening on the couch with popcorn and a comedy or it might involve heading out to an amusement park, kids and all – just do it!


It helps take your mind off of work and life stresses, which makes you happier in general – and happy people have happy relationships. Remember how we said it was all connected?


Spontaneity Can Lead To Happier Relationships

Even though we talked earlier about making sure to schedule in some fun, there is quite a bit to be said for throwing the schedule out and being spontaneous. Wake up on a Saturday morning and go on a road trip to a little bed and breakfast, or pick up tickets to a concert in the park.


8. Daydream about the future together
A stagnant relationship can be easily be fixed by setting some goals together. This gives you both a common sense of direction and something new to talk about (e.g buying a pet). Then do something small like playing with puppies in a pet store even though you’re not prepared to take one home yet; this keeps you in touch with that dream


9. Play Tickle Games With Your Partner

Sometimes you don’t even have to actually tickle someone to get them laughing; just the threat of a tickle is all some people can handle! Sometimes our busy lives cause us to forget to touch each other often enough. Tickling is a great way to bring physical contact and fun back into a relationship.


10. Surprise With Gifts

Surprise them with things that he/she take delight in. These may include something that he/she had mentioned the desire to buy at before. Some examples are books, CD, DVD or bubble bath for them.


You can forget what’s important in life when you let stress and seriousness take over. Remember that you need the love and support of a healthy relationship; your partner and family are important for living a joyful life, so remember to have fun with them.


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10 Tips To Put The Sizzle In A Fizzling Relationship

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