Love Letters: The Perfect GiftLove Letters: The Perfect Gift

It’s not easy finding the perfect gift for the one who makes your heart skip a beat. You search and search in vain…only to find good reason why material possessions and gadgets, however expensive they might be, just can’t express how much you feel.


This time, why not try something different. Write a love letter from the heart. I know, I know. You’re not a writer. By using these fail-safe pointers, you will be sure to pen some heartwarming prose.


The letter itself. Love is the ultimate nourishment for the soul. So when you write a letter to someone you love, it feeds the soul in a way that not even the most expensive gift can come close to. The eloquence of the words that are handwritten on paper, regardless of the actual words, are priceless.


The first step is deciding exactly what you want to express and write it down. The words themselves don’t matter at this point. If you want to say I love you, take a moment and write down the reasons why. Is it because of her smile, or perhaps how he listens or always says the perfect thing, or maybe it’s the butterflies you feel in your stomach at the mere sight of the one you love. Just write down your feelings.


Once you are absolutely sure you know what you want to say, it’s time to write the letter. You do not have to be a William Shakespeare or a Rumi. Just be yourself. Write in poem style if you wish, every line filled with the reasons why you fell in love.


Okay, now that you have the words, the presentation of your love letter is just as important as the words you wrote. Writing it on a napkin and handing it to your love as a present does not express in action the words you feel. Find some pretty paper and using a colored pen, write the words down. Remember, your love letter could be so impressive, it might even be framed later. Now, time to wrap it up. Make it exciting to open. Show your feelings in the effort you put into the wrapping. Find a colored envelope and perhaps draw little hearts or tiny love sayings all over the outside. Or perhaps roll it like a scroll and tie it with a beautiful ribbon. Whatever you decide, make it fun and exciting. They will love it even before they open it.


Put the envelope in a box with glittering paper. Or even put a special surprise inside the envelope so that it bulges (perhaps a ring…or tickets to a favorite event?). I once received a Vermont Teddy Bear holding an envelope with a special surprise inside the envelope along with the letter. Use your imagination here.


Fall in love all over again by writing a love letter to your special someone. The effort you put into the presentation and the words will pay off dividends well into the future. However you decide to create your love letter, make it as special as the one who’ll receive it.


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Love Letters: The Perfect Gift

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