Is Your E-crush Really Your Prince Charming?Is Your E-crush Really Your Prince Charming

The world has become a small place, thanks to the power of the internet. Never has life been as easier as it is right now. We are now capable of taking all decisions regarding our lives at the click of a button. There is no aspect of our lives that has been left untouched by the power of the internet. This includes our married and dating life as well. Off late, online dating has become a rage. With sites like tinder and match, it has become very easy for people to register online and try finding the person of their dreams. And once there, then hallelujah! Miracles can happen! Many times we tend to meet people whom we instantly click with. When we keep chatting with them, opening the deepest part of our emotions, in actual hopes that the person on the other side is actually understanding them. It seems that finally, thanks to the sites, we have ended up finding the person of our dreams, our very own prince charming. But is that really the case?


Often when we finally meet the person in real life, it turns out to be a big disappointment, because in real life, the same person whom you had an undying crush on online, is not exactly the way you thought he might be. Hence, even while dating online, make sure to keep certain things in mind before falling heads over heels in love with the person on the other side, whom you believe is your prince charming:


Is Your E-crush Really Your Prince Charming (Cinderella & Prince Charming)
       Is Your E-crush Really Your Prince Charming?         (This is Cinderella & Prince Charming On Their First Date)


  • Don’t fall for the first person you meet online many times when out of desperation, we start loving the first person we meet online. We think of him as our life partner, and start believing in all he or she might say. This is a strict no. Chat with more people, weight your likes and dislikes. Depending on that only, zero in on one person whom you feel you really like.



  • Keep a check on your compatibility and understanding: Make sure to date a person with whom you thinking and understanding matches. In the long run, it is the mental compatibility that matters more than anything. If you are able to find such a person, he definitely is your prince charming.



  • Commitment issues: If the person on the other side is hell bent on commitment right from the word go, then it is better not to pursue such a relationship. Your e-crush might just turn into an obsessive lover later.



  • Intelligence overlooks: Generally, we tend to ping good looking people more than ordinary looking ones. This totally wrong. Remember the saying that all that glitters is not gold. Respect the person’s mind more than his looks.



  • A thorough profile research: make sure to do a thorough profile check of your e-crush before jumping the bandwagon. Make sure that the details provided by him are true and not fake. This will surely help you keep online stalkers at bay and ensure your safety.



With the given tips in mind, be ensured to find your prince charming at the click of a button. All the best!

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Is Your E-crush Really Your Prince Charming

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