How to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for Couples

How to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for Couples

Romantic Ideas &Tips

For couples, there are lots of important dates to celebrate; the time they’ve first met, when you first dated, when you’ve got engage, married. The list could go on and on. But you know what; there is a great way to celebrate these dates. With romantic vacation!


Yes, you and your spouse are both busy; either at work or at home. And this is also the reason why you should take on this kind of vacation once in while. Your wife deserves to enjoy and take a break from taking care of the household chores and the kids, right? Hey, it’s your wedding anniversary!


Now, if you just don’t have any idea where to spend your vacation or no idea at all what to do, just read on. Here are some tips and romantic vacation ideas that can help you have the best vacation of your life;

Cheap vs. Luxurious

Remember that this is an important event in your life as a couple so try to make this vacation as memorable as possible. And yes, money matters in this case. If you can afford it, better to give your spouse the most luxurious romantic vacation you could ever give. Try the tropical island destinations in the Caribbean. You can rent a secluded resort with exclusive beach there and treat your wife to a relaxing spa session.


On the other hand, if you’re on a limited budget, there’s nothing to be worried about as you can still get great vacation packages for less. You never knew, but you can still enjoy a fabulous romantic vacation without having to spend dollars and dollars on airfares. In fact, if you have an RV and can endure long driving, you can enjoy a vacation getaway in other states such as Florida, New York, Nevada, California or Arizona. And with your RV, you don’t even have to get hotel accommodation.


How to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for CouplesHow to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for CouplesHow to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for Couples


Beach vs. Cityscape

Another thing to consider when planning your romantic vacation is the kind of place that you both want to be. If this doesn’t matter much to you, at least make an effort to know where your wife would love to be. If she is fond of the beach and loves sun tan, then you should opt for a beach romantic vacation getaway. You have the option to stay in the mainland US or go for the islands. Florida offers many beaches from Daytona Beach to the Keys. If you opt for the islands, you have many choices in the Caribbean or Hawaii.


Now, if beaches seem not so compelling for your spouse, maybe the romantic view of the Eiffel Tower is enough to ignite the flame again. Or you may travel on a water buses over the canals of Venice. The Strip in Las Vegas is a great option too if you’re budget is not enough for out of the country vacation.


How to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for CouplesHow to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for Couples

Sports vs. Outdoors

Who says that sports can’t be part of a romantic vacation? In fact, when you’re not in your hotel suites, bonding through your favorite sports is a good way to enjoy each other’s company, just like the old days when you were still dating.


If you both love outdoor activities like kayaking, surfing, skiing, rafting, hiking or camping; you can also consider booking a romantic vacation on places like the Grand Canyon or Aspen.


These romantic vacation ideas are just guide to help you decide on which vacation you should book. Besides, being romantic still depends on how you view it and what meaning you have for the word “romance.”



How to Find Great Deals for Your All Inclusive Romantic Vacation

With all the stress and pressures that our everyday works and business dealings give us, a vacation once in a while will render us a lot of benefits. Aside from having the chance to bond with our children, family and friends; vacation is the time for you to enjoy life and explore other sports or outdoor activities that you might be interested in. Or you can treat your spouse to romantic vacation just like the old days. And when booking vacations, an all inclusive romantic vacation is a great option.


Most all inclusive romantic vacation packages offered by travel agencies or tour companies come with great vacation features and discount offers. But, how can you really find the best deals when it comes to an all inclusive romantic vacation?



Here are some tips;

• Plan ahead – It is important for you to plan you vacation ahead of time. This will help you save from booking expenses. How? It is because when you plan ahead of time, you can choose and avail all the things that you want to include in your vacation package like hotels or lodgings, travel tickets, tour guides if you need one, and any activity that you may like to try and enjoy. And you can get these at the best prices since you are not paying for last minute bookings which are usually expensive.

• Find a travel agency you can trust. We know that there are lots of travel companies around nowadays; what with the booming industry of tourism. Hence, we cannot be sure if all of them really give their customers what’s being advertised by them. Thus, it is important for you to look for a reliable travel agency lest you want to go on a vacation which you will not enjoy. Here are some things you can do to make sure you hire the best travel company;


Ask your friends or relatives for referral. It is always better if someone you know has already tried hiring the services of a certain travel agency. This way, he or she can tell you the quality vacation you can expect from it.


Do some research on the internet. You know that most things are now available online. Well, so are vacations and travel agencies. Look up for forums on the internet where you can get testimonials of a certain travel agency.

• Compare two or more travel agencies. Before you decide to get the services of one travel agency, try comparing it to others first. This way you will know if the other agency is offering better discounts and vacation features than the one you have chosen.

• Ask your partner for suggestions. Though you may want this one to be a surprise for your partner, it would be best to consult him or her for this all inclusive romantic vacation. You know, your spouse may have some idea on the best travel agency around the town or the best vacation destination that you’ll both enjoy.

 How to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for Couples


All Inclusive Romantic Vacation Online

While looking for a travel agency around town is a good idea, you can always save much energy and time when you do this online. You know, there is nothing impossible now with the internet. You can even order your food online. And booking your all inclusive romantic vacation online is a great treat.


How? Well, because you can get the best romantic vacation for you and your spouse without even leaving you office or home. Afraid of frauds? Well, it is just a matter of being wise. Just look for testimonials about a travel website first before completing your bookings. Or you can check if the site is authentic or not.


If you are planning and organizing an inexpensive romantic vacation, a honeymoon, or a getaway, budget is the top factor that needs to be considered. Low budget is truly a hassle and a big problem. This frustrating situation should however never stop you from enjoying a nice romantic trip because luckily, there are always cheap options and opportunities offered for those people who don’t have an incredible budget to spend. The main thing here is to have an organized and rational plan in mind. This is necessary so as to find what the best alternatives are, what the possibilities are, and what can be done with them.


When planning an inexpensive romantic vacation, there are various important details to know. Of course the most basic thing you should is the destination. You might not know this but actually, there are many destinations that might sound expensive for you but offers a diversity of packages that give you the opportunity of choosing for low budget but decent and beautiful accommodation along with a wide set of activities for you to enjoy for less. Some examples of these places are Hawaii, the Caribbean, South America, and the South Pacific regions. These are destinations where you will not only find great low budget trips, but also where you will be able to relish unforgettable and memorable moments.


Once you have picked your dream destination, what you should do next is organizing your inexpensive romantic vacation. It is a fact that organizing a vacation with money limitations on your mind is tough. But being aware and keeping mind some considerations is actually one of the things that will give you the possibility of having a great time. This is because it is often recommended to have it all planned and organized in order to prevent any unpleasant experience.


You can start organizing your romantic vacation by planning in advance which activities to enjoy, when to book, where to stay, and other important things that should be taken into account before the trip. When it comes to booking, if you book yourself into a top hotel during peak season, surely you will pay top dollar, maybe twice or thrice the normal rate for everything such as the food, activities, rooms, and other charges. So, since your budget is limited, turn away from these places that are pulling crowd in. After all, a little privacy is a must if you want your vacation a sure romantic experience.


A good suggestion is to travel off season because this is when all the rates are lower as well as you can also enjoy impressive discounts that will definitely be important to you. Sometimes, travel packages are also an excellent option. This is because they offer you lots of included services and facilities that you can enjoy.


Now to take pleasure on your inexpensive romantic vacation, remember the top places mentioned earlier in this article because most of them rely almost exclusively on tourism as their main goal and thus, offering great value on various romantic vacation choices.  For honeymooners or couples that wanted to spend a couple of days in a paradise location offering comfortable yet accessible hotels, inexpensive activities that will bring lovers even closer such as sailing, horseback riding, diving, and varied nightlife getaways.


How to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for Couples


Best Destinations for Cheap Romantic Vacation Getaway

Who says money can’t buy happiness? You are obviously right but maybe it fits if you add, ‘but it can take you to the best places where to find it’. You see the best destinations and spots for a romantic vacation getaway always have to be paid. The most are far away so you still need to spend a lot of money for the fare and some other miscellaneous stuff.


But then, it doesn’t have to be expensive to say that you will be very happy with the travel or getaway. There are also some cheap romantic vacation getaway that you can really enjoy time with your family and friends at. Some of these places are as follows:


  • South Padre Island, TX – During spring break, South Padre Island is at its peak days. During these times, it will cost you a lot but not if you order an affordable holiday right after or any month that is not in the peak months. The Gulf Coast resort will be the best choice for you during these days.
  • Amelia Island, FL – If you are looking for a nice and quiet plus cheap romantic vacation getaway, Amelia Island is just the right pick for you. At best, you can avail of their weekend deal that already includes not only a four-poster romantic bed but scooter rental too. For just as small as $159, the Florida House Inn weekend deal will make your getaway perfect. If you add another $89, you will enjoy champagne in a romantic dinner as well as a sentimental carriage ride.
  • Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. For 60F and more under the sun, Myrtle Beach is the right place to have your cheap romantic vacation getaway. For as low as $75 a night, you can find the best beach
  • California. Anytime of the year, you can easily find a good place to spend your getaway in California. Some of the best hotels to check out are Santa Clara’s Hotel Biltmore. Get a package of a deluxe suite from this quality place for only $149 a night. This will already include a welcome basket of champagne, a dinner, and a breakfast plus a movie in the room.
  • Auberge Lac-à-l’Eau-Claire in Quebec, Canada. If you want something more exotic and adventurous, the deep forest package in Quebec, Canada is a great choice. For only $289, you can enjoy a package good for 2 nights with buffet breakfasts and dinners. You also get to enjoy a dogsled ride and as much outdoor activities as you want.
  • Romantic Cabins, homes, cottages, and log cabins rental in Tennessee’s Smokey Mountains, Shenandoah VA and other scenic spots. You can also opt to enjoy quality time in quiet surroundings of any place you want to be at when you rent a cabin or cottage for two from vacation home rentals. This cheap romantic vacation getaway has no minimum stay required so you can enjoy to the fullest.
  • Caribbean and Mexico cruise. $199 can take you and your loved one on a 3, 4, up to 5 nights Caribbean and Mexico cruises. If you want, you can find online bidding cruise agencies to get a lesser quote.


Best Destinations for Your Exotic Romantic Vacation

Have you been so busy with your job lately that you hardly spend time with your loved one anymore? It’s time to unwind yourself and spend quality time with your significant other. Why not treat her to an exotic romantic vacation?


A romantic vacation may have different meanings to different persons. For some, it means spending few days with their special someone in a romantic place. They will do nothing but stare at each other’s eyes and enjoying each other’s company as they explore the foreign land they are in. For others, a romantic vacation means enjoying the thrill of their favorite sports together such as kayaking, surfing, scuba-diving and many other sports. Whatever you want to do, what will make your escape even more romantic is the place you choose to spend your vacation in.


How to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for Couples


Here are two of the country’s renowned destinations for your exotic romantic vacation:

• Hawaii – The Island of Hawaii should be on top of the list when you’re looking for a place to have your exotic romantic vacation. As one of the world’s most famous and beautiful vacation destinations, Hawaii offers breath-taking natural attractions that will make your vacation even more unforgettable. Vacations in Hawaii don’t just mean enjoying the tropical scenery together but also taking time to realize how it feels to be in a multi-cultured society. This state is undoubtedly a gigantic open-air museum of both natural and man-made wonders. Come and experience the feel of a world tour by exploring Hawaii’s amazing water falls, hills, romantic islands, rivers and glittering white beaches. A dreamy holiday for lovers also means pampering yourself with the extravagance of modern facilities. When you need to relax, plunge in an oh-so-relaxing sauna or pool and treat your loved one with a sumptuous Hawaii luau.

Moving on, hotels, private homes and first-class resorts in Hawaii usually offer affordable package deals for couples who want to spend their vacation in a private setting. Most resorts provide world-class tennis and golf facilities together with superb dining and shopping.

How to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for CouplesHow to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for Couples

• Florida – This is the perfect place for partners who prefer to watch sunrise or sunset together. Also known as the Sunshine State, this is a place that offers something for lovers to enjoy. From sun-kissed beaches, to its breathtaking lakes and from the splendid countryside to hot and fun city lights, this is truly is a place to behold. Romantic vacation spots can be found around this state. Florida beaches are among the best in the world because of their beauty, facilities and accessibility. It also has numerous theme parks that are constantly attracting millions of visitors. Among the famous water parks in this state are Disney World, Sea World and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Moreover, night life is always hot here. You can bar-hop in Key West or enjoy the cool clubs in South Beach. And if you’re looking for hotels and places to stay, Florida has a never-ending list of hotels and resorts that can give you the best accommodation.



These are just two of the most famous exotic locations should you wish to treat your loved one to a romantic vacation. Since Florida and Hawaii are just few miles away, there’s no reason for you to celebrate love only on Valentine’s Day.
And who said exotic romantic vacations can only be done in exotic places like Africa?  It can be enjoyed just within the country too.


From these many choices, you can surely find the best destination for your planned cheap romantic vacation getaway!

How to Have the Best Romantic Vacation for Couples
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