Does He/She Really Love Me?

Does He She Really Love Me
When a relationship moves along at a steady pace, we get used to a certain routine. 
When you’re partner calls at the same time every single day, you tend to look forward to that special time. And if they don’t call at that time, you become horrified and worried.  
It’s natural for you to be accustomed to this habit, but then you convince yourself that something is wrong. This is when the mind games begin. You begin to think your mate may have been in a freak accident, and even worse, he’s in an area without telephone service.
Either way, it’s hard to cope with the fact that your mate may choose to be alone or may not feel like talking. He may have had a bad day or, believe it or not, sometimes people enjoy their space and solitude.  

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Immediately, many of us begin to feel that he’s not interested any longer. The insecurities you feel, the sadness left behind from broken relationships, begin to manifest, leaving you wondering whether or not your mate really loves you. 
A good healthy relationship is built on trust, love, and communication. You should face the fact that there are times when a person wants time to themselves.  This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be with you and it certainly doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.  It simply means that he just needs to have time alone to think and focus on himself.
There’s no need to hit the panic button, just remember it’s natural for a person to need a little space every now and then.  This “space” takes nothing from the relationship, but it does strengthen a relationship that is built on love and trust.

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Does He/She Really Love Me?

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