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Build Your Own Magnetic Generator

The Howard Johnson magnetic motor is considered to be perhaps the most groundbreaking invention in magnetic motor technology. Thanks to Johnson’s work, many others have followed in his footsteps to the degree that it’s now possible to use a similar device to generate ones own electricity at home. You can find out more about Johnson’s magnetic motor and see how you can benefit from this technology yourself so as to generate enough electricity to power your personal property.

The Howard Johnson motor caused much fanfare when it was eventually featured in the Spring 1980 edition of Science & Mechanics magazine. Even in 1980, magnetic power generators were nothing new. However, Johnson’s unique design became the catalyst for further experimentation and development over the next few years to the point that anyone can now make their own electricity generating device using a few parts from Radio Shack. If you have liked what you have read by this author, then ensure you check the other extra topics by him that are aimed at helping the readers to obtain much better results – Hojo Motor. See to it that you invest some time reading and understanding these useful articles as it’s going to benefit you in far more than one way.

How Will it Work?

Like just about all magnetic motors, the Johnson motor uses several strategically placed magnets around a rotor. What makes the Johnson motor unique is that it uses two sets of magnets.

The first set of magnets, known as stator magnets, are fixed to the inside of a drum/cylinder shaped casing. A rotating drum is positioned inside the casing and this is effectively the rotor. Attached to this rotating drum are another set of magnets called armature magnets.

After an initial input is put into the system, the unique configuration of the magnets ensures that the motion is self-sustaining. Electricity is generated using a belt (like the one under the hood of your car) that is linked to a conventional electricity power generator.

The Howard Johnson magnetic motor is currently protected by US patent law. In case you have liked this post then you are positive to appreciate the upcoming information too – Hojo Motor.

Other Magnetic|Magnetic Energy} Motors

Much development of these motors has been carried out in the last three decades by a few dedicated pioneers who haven’t been paid for their own experimental work.

Most are generally similar in concept; they use several strategically placed magnets and drive a rotor of some sort. Where they differ is in the configuration of these magnets, driven by a need for these devices to fulfill many types of commercial application.

If all you want is a basic device to power a home, then you can simply make one all by yourself (or wait 5 years for the very first domestic device). These days, you can buy a few instructions and plans that will save you the headache of trial and error and allow you to make a device capable of powering your property with nothing more than a few parts easily sourced in your neighborhood.

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