7 Sexy Ideas For An Evening of Romance!

7 Sexy Date Night Ideas For An Evening Filled With Romance!

While it is true that sexy is purely a state of mind, there are still a couple of things you can do to turn up the romance at home. When it comes to preparing for a romantic evening at home, be sure that nothing can interrupt the mood. Turn off the cell phone, television, and computer, since modern technology is not required for a night of intimacy. And since we are talking about romance here, it’s always good to have a few candles on hand. What’s romance without candlelight?


Here’s a few sexy date night ideas to rekindle your romance. Now turn down the lights and let’s get started!


1. A Midnight Soak By Candlelight

There’s nothing more soothing to the human spirit than soaking in a nice, warm, bubbly bath to refresh the senses. Why not invite your partner to take a soak with you? Of course, you’ll need to turn off all the lights and light some soft-scented candles to create a relaxing ambiance.



2. Movie Night In The Bedroom

Pull back the covers and jump into bed early for a “movie date” night. Get ready by popping a big tub of popcorn, and throwing extra pillows and blankets on the bed to really cozy up together. Not only will this bring you closer together as a couple, but it’s a great way to release the stress of your busy day as well. Make it really fun by watching a classic romantic comedy.



3. How About A Massage?

Is there anything sexier or more intimate than a personal massage, other than actually making love? Design your own personal spa using fragrant-rich oils, soft-glowing candles, and relaxing music to create an atmosphere of desire and romance.


4. Go On A Treasure Hunt

Light a few candles or turn the lights down low; then leave little clues around the house (maybe lingerie) that lead to a big surprise. Think outside the box and make it fun and surprising!

5. Truth Or Dare?

Although “truth or dare” is generally known as a crazy game for high school kids, it can be a valuable tool to get to know your partner better and have some real fun too – especially in the dark. And because it’s dark, you won’t need to worry about critical or surprised facial expressions.


6. Skinny Dip In The Backyard Pool

Do you have a pool in your backyard? If so, after the sun goes down why not take advantage of it and strip down to your birthday suit with your partner? Since no one can see you, feel free to get intimate with one another and rekindle your passion. The water will give you both a sense of freedom and playfulness.


7. Picnic By Moonlight

Imagine this scene – it’s a warm summer’s night with a million twinkling stars sprinkled in a clear moonlit sky. You and your partner just prepared a delicious dinner in the kitchen and decide to enjoy it outside in your beautiful backyard, accompanied only by the soothing sounds of Mother Nature. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, reposition your picnic inside on the living room floor by candlelight to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine and each other.


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7 Sexy Date Night Ideas For An Evening Filled With Romance!

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