28 Tips on How to Become Friends with a Girl

 28 Tips on How to Become Friends with a Girl
Do you want to be good friends with a girl and you’re not very confident ? You do not need to own power to be friends with a girl? Then you are exactly right .
Here are several ideas on how to make a woman to discuss. You also get tips . Thus , this article will help you to make friends with girls.

Be bold when you want to be with a woman. Girls are usually shy in nature. There is no harm in making girls your friend. Remember that they do not take the first step in the rule. So, you have to be brave.


Take the first step . Go ahead and ask if they are interested in your friendship. This confidence will help you to get close to the girl.


The first step to estimate a girl to know her friendship . All girls like appreciation. So if you talk to her about all the good qualities in her. You need to feel and understand that you appreciate them . In this way, you are certainly in their vicinity. If you create the proximity with it, you will certainly succeed in making her your friend.


Its parts and Friends
Share . Few things with their friends As part of iPads, laptops , books and CDs. In this way you are able to get to know their choice and they get in a position to know your choice . Once you start sharing the things you will get in a position in their area and develop a good sense of friendship.


When they make some cracks joke, you laugh. It will make her feel important. At the time of the jokes not funny, but to be friends with the girl that you have to do some difficult things. So, even if you do not feel like laughing, still laughing at her joke .


Support them
You must be supportive to win their friendship. Whatever the situation , there beside her. This is important . Situation can be heavy or light. But if you want to be friends, then you should always beside her. Give her the assurance that you cry on their shoulder when needed. Once they know you are going to be there next to her , is certainly her hand for friendship.


She is your friend
Tell your friends that others she’s your friend . You could move here and there . Tell your friends that others she’s your friend . Not possessive with friends. But the friendship confirmed. This sense of belonging is sure to help in friendship.


Prepare yourself
If you want to be a friend with a woman , prepare yourself first. Take the good girl . Who can be your good friend . Then you fine against . This will help you get what you put on in a position to take the next step .


Once you understand their likes and dislikes , the strategy is simple for you. Now you can talk about this topic that you both interests. Talk about music as you both have the same taste. Share the books you have read. The conversation is very important. So , talking about topics that you are interested in both . In this way you are able to make your good friend .

28 Tips on How to Become Friends with a Girl

Some Tips:

Laugh with her ​​and not with her.
Gave her confidence.
Speak clearly with her.
Listen to it carefully .
Give her all your support .
Promised her your friendship .
Get their attention zone.
Talk about things that she likes .
Have a happy go lucky attitude.
Smile if it helps a lot .
Give her compliments .
Have a good sense of humor.
Talk regularly with her.
Be the first to invite them .
Have additional entertainment . Just be yourself .
Never lie to be friends with a girl.
Be nice to her.
Make sure you treat them with respect .
Allow them to be comfortable with you.
With regard to the friendship that you have.
28 Tips on How to Become Friends with a Girl
Friendship with the girl
Complicate things if you want to be friends with girls. Keep it simple . Do not worry if you want to be friends with girls. Nice talk with her ​​and get the right intentions . This will surely help you to move towards your goal. Once you know what they like and do not like , you will be able to speak , to be comfortable. Give her the respect she requires . In addition, the relationship must be respected . Talk to her in the most descent way . Listen very carefully when she speaks to her. She needs attention. But if you talk to her eye contact with her . Under no circumstances will you feel ignorant.

If you are really interested in a girl , when the doors open for her friendship . Offered their seats. Do not take advantage of her. Be safe, but confident . The most important thing is that not your own. Here are important and you should not change , just to be completely a woman. You are important . So, to be yourself. A little bit of confidence will ensure that you win the game.

Now you have a good idea of ​​how to make friends with a girl. So please keep the following tips and you will certainly be able to gain their trust. So you will become a good friend of hers . A little bit of awareness will leave with the confidence you’re a good friend of a woman. The only thing to note is that , while you make a girl your good friend , cheating and deceiving themselves plan. So now the trust is a good friend of a girl.

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28 Tips on How to Become Friends with a Girl

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