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How compatible are you really with your partner?

Down deep, where it really counts? How would you know? Just because you like the same types of foods and pets certainly does NOT mean you’ll have a happy, blissful, long-term relationship.


Do you know why your mate does or doesn’t attend church? Do you really? Do you know how they really think about the way you dress? Have you ever asked your partner what are the three most sensitive parts on their body? Thinking you know doesn’t make you right.


Does it really matter what your partner thinks about sex, religion, careers, household work, money and the future? ABSOLUTELY!


Even if you are one of the lucky FEW who will never argue about these topics (like most people do), core differences like these can cause many, many issues in a relationship.


Love and a strong relationship can indeed conquer anything, but you have to know what you’re facing and what you’re really dealing with.


Don’t fly blind – find out where you stand. Learn how to listen! Sit down, ask, and LISTEN to what you partner really feels.


An estimated 83% of divorces would not take place if couples asked each other the right questions. Wow!


Fact is, a lot fewer couples would get divorced (or even marry each other in the first place) if they actually knew each other well enough before they got married. Married couples could cut down on a lot of their clashes if they simply knew more about their partner’s thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Romantic questions

Do married couples really need to bother with asking each other questions like these?


Absolutely!  Not to mention the obvious point – showing your partner that you care enough to take time to get to know them EVEN BETTER (no matter how long you’ve been together) is sure to bring you closer. And that’s always a good thing.


While most of the questions in 1000 Questions for Couples apply to couples that are in their first months together, an amazing 700 of the questions are critical to married couples as well.


So many times a secret from one partner’s past comes out and you hear the question “how could you have not told me about that?”. The usual answer is “you didn’t ask”. Amazing, isn’t it. And it can really be that simple…


Fact is, most couples are honest with each other, they just don’t take the time to actually get to know their partner, to actually ask each other about their past, their feelings, their convictions. 


The best way to get to really know someone is to ASK!


Romantic Questions

romantic questions

 Interesting Romantic Questions for Strengthening Your Relationship:

According to statistics, the divorce rates everywhere round the globe have increased. People get separated very often due to lack of understanding. Irrespective of whether it is an arranged or love marriage, nobody gives the relationship a second chance before splitting up.


The compatibility between couples is not restricted to only physical appearance or pleasure. A person who is good at bed need not be good in other terms. Hence, when you are planning to go further with a relationship or if you are already into a relationship, take measures to make it evergreen, ever romantic and ever spicy.


Try taking up some romantic questions that you can ask to your partner during your dating period or even after marriage. Modern busy people who are not creative enough to entertain and arouse their partner are turning to romantic questions for couples.

Waiting for the marriage counselors or a relative to introduce you or interview you and your partner is outdated. You should yourself decide on what you think about your life together, your preferences and likes.


You can make and save the relationship by simple conversations, romantic gestures and dialogues that will bring back the sparks you both were waiting for or you felt during the dating stage. Ask questions that interest your partner into conversation, include some romantic questions too to maintain the excitement in the conversation can be a great idea.


However, you need to firmly keep this in mind, that these questions are just for fun and for communication starters and should not be as rigid as those marriage interviews for stranger spouses, and definitely not something that can lead to one getting angry or offended.


romantic questions


Add a pinch of romance while asking such question will make your partner feel comfortable while speaking to you on his/her life topic. After the romantic questions round, you may be even surprised to know that there are still many things to learn about your spouse even after years of living together.


It is observed that most often, gaps in communication lead to unsuccessful relationships, and having romantic questions-and-answers activities in your leisure fun time can even make magic in your relationship.


Romantic questions are not exempted. Romantic questions for couples can spice up your romantic nights and would even let you discover many ways to please your partner in terms of his physical and mental needs.


Knowing more about what your partner likes and sharing about your thoughts and feelings can even solicit support and mutual respect, which is essential in making relationships strong and last long.



Among the romantic questions you can put up in your list are questions about your relationships, family, your dreams, goals and even fantasies, emotions, childhood experiences and memories and of course sex. These may sound like questions for couples who are dating but you can still put yourselves in the ‘dating’ stage even if you are married for long.


If your mind does not generate good questions for your partner or you think you are not romantic enough, then hit the net. You will find various online eBooks with loads of romantic questions trying to work on making a great relationship.

         romantic questions

Romantic Questions Start from day #1 of a relationship

From that very first glance and suggestive little smile, romantic questions are whirling around your head. You will always be asking yourself should I ask – or is too early?


Even when a relationship develops beyond the beginning stage – there are tons of romantic questions swirling in your head. The hallmark of any great relationship is great communication between the two of you.


And to bring it to the next level and have a great sex life then you have to talk about Intimate matters. This will come with time, and once you know what to say – the feelings both of you will fell will be amazing.

You will probably come up with up to 20-40 questions on your own, however are they the correct ones to bring you closer – or just the opposite.


I have been helping couples with this very matter for years now. As an example – What is the difference between love, sex, and romance? Or is a good question to ask is – What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for your mate? So just watch their reaction and you will learn the signs that will bring you closer.

romantic questions


In survey after survey you will find that those who have the most satisfying sex lives are couples who are great communicators when it comes to sex and intimacy.

Work on these romantic questions and you’ll definitely see your relationship move to the next level.

  • Plus I hear these questions on a daily basis from all the couples I work with:


  • I’m currently relationship but was wondering if I am pleasing my partner a good percentage of the time?


  • Or how will I know if my mate in the near and I are sexually compatible if we wait for the honeymoon?


  • And we’ve been married for a 10 years and I’m not sexually satisfied at the present time. I feel everything is at a stand still and I’d like to know how to spice things up but not sure what to do to accomplish this.

The only way to know for sure is to know the right time to ask your partner, know the proper way to say the question. Again it will all come in time as the two of you get a bit closer.


I hope you enjoyed this little article, and it helps you think about how communication is so important in any relationship new or old.


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